Recognition = Retention

Today’s Employees Want and Expect Personalized Recognition

Whether they work remotely, in-office, or a combination of both, it’s essential to build a culture that transforms employees into engaged individuals who then deliver measurable results and workplace success. Our turnkey solutions reflect your goals by creating positive experiences in the workplace, reinforcing employees’ belief in the organization and their work, improving retention, and building a culture based on your brand values.

Our team will source, maintain, and help you manage a best-in-class portfolio of providers curated based on their diverse offerings, compliance, and technology capabilities all in one configurable platform.

We will be an intermediary between your team and selected service providers to ensure improved:

  • Stakeholder engagement – from leadership to employees
  • Goal alignment – based on core values
  • Discretionary effort – to address quiet quitting
  • ROI – exponentially

I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised.

Sir Richard Branson

Leverage These Three Types of Recognition to the Fullest to Build an Empowered Workforce

A graph of the Engagement and Recognition Model.


Planned recognition for career and life milestones, favorable performance reviews, and birthdays.


Spot recognition that makes an employee feel genuinely valued.


Builds strong peer-to-peer relationships and aligned culture to boost morale and collaboration.

Foster a Passion for Work

What motivates people? According to American Psychologist Abraham Maslow, people are motivated by these five basic categories: physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. See the graphic below.

Recognition amplifies the top three needs within Maslow’s Hierarchy and is the lowest cost, highest impact employee benefit.

Addressing these needs within your company cultivates pride in their role and inspires dedication from your employees by recognizing work and life milestones.

Our CARE (Create Award Recognition Environment)™ approach provides a unique solution of vetted providers to compile a strategic recognition program tailored to your company goals, needs, and values.

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A diagram of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
An icon of a human figure surrounded by stars.

Service Milestones

Celebrate dedicated employees, honoring their commitment and achievements while fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation within your organization.

An icon of a shield with a check mark in the center.

Safety Incentives

Prioritize employee well-being while recognizing and honoring individuals who exemplify safety practices, promoting a secure and caring workplace environment.

An icon of a trophy atop a pedestal labeled '1'

Performance Incentives

Drive excellence, acknowledge and reward employees who consistently exceed expectations, fostering a culture of achievement and motivation in the workplace.

Provide Incentives as Diverse as Your Workforce

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recognition, which is why a robust program should include personalized and relevant monetary and recognition components that support your brand’s culture and delivers measurable results.

All services are at no cost to you.

Tax Deductions are Available

We will guide you toward taking full advantage of potential tax deductions. You can deduct up to $1,600 per eligible employee for qualified programs.