Safety by Design

Create a culture of safety within your organization with a proactive program that helps you identify potential incidents before they occur.

Incentive programs can be an important tool to promote workplace safety and health.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Recognized Employees are Safer and Happier

Support your employees who exhibit safe behaviors. Effective safety incentive programs encourage safe practices, decrease lost-time injury rates, and positively impact your reputation, which improves ROI. Implement a leading indicator safety incentive program that rewards employees for safety-related behaviors and activities rather than results.

Leading Indicators Include:

  • Reporting safety violations
  • Making safety-related suggestions
  • Rectification of unsafe situations
  • Participation in safety committees

OSHA Compliance is a Must

Safety incentive programs can be complex. They should reinforce safe behaviors, not punish accidents. It’s crucial not to pressure employees into avoiding reporting incidents, injuries, or near-misses for fear of missing out on an incentive.

Our 40+ years of experience provides us with the expertise to build a successful and compliant program that resonates.

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