WorkStride Safetysafety-aspot-icon

Recognize & reward behaviors that contribute to reducing accidents.

Prepare. Practice. Prevent.

WorkStride workstride-symbol Safety helps your employees learn how to work safely and recognizes behaviors that contribute to prevention of unsafe working conditions.


Ensure that your employees are up to date on the latest safety requirements by tracking training participation.


Provide targeted communications immediately to the appropriate audiences in your organization.


Reinforce safe behavior with recognition, rewards, and badging.



Top Safety Features


Training Center: Create custom training modules, upload existing content, or link to your learning management system. Completion of training can be tracked and linked to badging and rewards.


Near-Miss Module: Allows employees to report potential safety issues via a custom form. Pictures and videos may be uploaded along with text.


Recognition Widget: Employees can nominate their peers for awards after observing actions that promote a safe work environment.