Strategic Performance Recognition Accomplishes What Nothing Else Can.

Fuel Innovation

Create a positive and visionary environment that inspires new employee recognition ideas.

Delight Customers

Spotlight employees who create great customer experiences to build a culture that thrives on making clients happy

Improve Efficiency

Encourage constant improvement n big ways and small ways to make work flow easier, faster, and smarter.

Drive Passion

Inspire enthusiasm for doing extraordinary things in the hearts of employees. Tap everyone’s natural desire to succeed.




Integration: We can integrate via API with your CRM to capture and verify sales information in real time.

Contest & Promotion Setup: Easily set up contents and post promotional materials to support them.

Stats & Reporting: Participants can view their own stats through personalized dashboards at any time. Administrators can pull detailed reporting on program performance, broken down by product, by territory, by rep–any way you need to see it!

Configurable Technology: We provide configurable software solutions for both recognition and incentive programs