Angelo DiSpirito III

After 17 years working for a National Service Award provider, Angelo DiSpirito III specifically founded Val-U Recognition® so that he could focus on providing clients recognition solutions designed for their needs, rather than on finding ways to sell a packaged approach or product. Based on this customer focus, DiSpirito prides himself in staying on top of trends to bring the best solutions to clients by listening and participating in leading associations and knowing the right solution for the right client. DiSpirito personal expertise includes strategic recognition design: service award programs; custom corporate and commemorative award design, and onboarding recognition.

Based on this customer focus, DiSpirito began to notice a change over the last few years as more companies began to discuss the broader topic of engagement. This gave rise to a realization that while recognition is a critical driver of engagement, it is only one driver, and that organizations that understand this can achieve far greater return-on-investment for their recognition dollar.

Today, Val-U Solutions® has become a single source for any organization seeking to enhance traditional recognition and incentive programs so that they address critical human resources, sales, marketing, in a measurable way with a clear return-on-investment.

Val-U Solutions® helps organizations maximize the value of their brand and culture and achieve specific organizational goals by developing zero-based strategic and tactical engagement strategies that address the key drivers necessary to achieve success.

In addition to his extensive experience literally helping hundreds of companies over the years, DiSpirito also draws upon his years of volunteer experience as a captain for the U.S. Tennis Association, with five teams that went to national tournaments, and as president of a local children’s soccer association.

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