From Recognition to Engagement and Branding for the 21st Century

Since its founding in 1997, Val-U Recognition® has specialized in providing highly customized recognition solutions tailored precisely to client needs drawing upon whatever key resources are needed to accomplish their goals.

Val-U Recognition® has since expanded to provide clients with a full range of recognition, engagement and branding solutions to address critical business challenges through people.

Val-U Solutions® is the new name for 18 year old Val-U Recognition®, reflecting the companies focus on providing both strategic and tactical engagement solutions, including recognition and branding support.

Val-U Solutions® specializes in helping organizations maximize the results of their recognition investments by addressing all of the levers that connect engagement to performance. Whether an organization needs to bring it’s traditional service awards program and communications into the 21st century; implement modern sales and productivity programs, or discover the power of an integrated approach that addresses all of the levers of engagement to achieve goals.

Val-U Solutions® management brings 35 years of experience in recognition with an understanding of the latest tools of engagement to significantly improve the results of any type of recognition, incentive program, or fully integrated engagement program.

After 17 years working for a National Service Award Provider, Angelo DiSpirito specifically founded Val-U Recognition®, so that he could focus on providing clients recognition solutions designed for their needs, rather than on finding ways to sell a packaged approach or product. Based on this customer focus, DiSpirito began to notice a change over the last few years as more companies began to discuss the broader topic of engagement. This gave rise to a realization that while recognition is a critical driver of engagement, it is only one driver, and that organizations that understand this can achieve far greater return-on-investment for their recognition dollar.

Today, Val-U Solutions® has become a single source for any organization seeking to enhance traditional recognition and incentive programs so that they address critical human resources, sales, marketing, or marketing goals in a measurable way with a clear return-on-investment.

Val-U Solutions® remains committed to its zero-based approach drawing upon the best expertise and resources to help each client with its specific challenge and believes it is impossible to retain that objectivity if only one set of tactics or approaches is offered. Val-U Solutions® is committed to building return-on-investment into every program integrating all the levers of engagement. Engage for Results®

Val-U Solutions® offers clients three solutions based on your needs:

Employee Recognition
Val-U Recognition®
Our C.A.R.E (Create Award Recognition Environment)® approach to designing and implementing recognition programs provides sustainable results that reinforce and reflect your organization’s culture and goals.

Increase Employee Engagement
Val-U Engagement™
To design and implement, zero-based, cutting-edge recognition and incentive programs based on engagement principles that offer a clear return-on-investment on a pay-for-performance basis.

Val-U Branding®
Research confirms that communications is critical to connecting recognition to engagement and performance; we provide all of the three-dimensional, print, and digital communication tools based on your requirements and budget.