Key Benefits

  • The big picture: We understand that recognition in the context of your greater engagement and internal branding objectives.
  • Zero-based: You don’t have to buy a pre-packaged solution, we start by understanding your program, what you want to accomplish, your corporate culture, etc. For instance, social recognition is right for some organizations, and isn’t right for others. ENGAGE FOR RESULTS®
  • A customized solution: You will get the program, technology, or product solutions that make sense for your specific requirements.
  • Full-service or unbundled: You can benefit from a full-service turnkey solution that lets you select from multiple technology options, or work with what you already have.
  • Global: take advantage of a global solution in multiple languages.
  • Personalization: Your program can benefit from unique presentation packaging options.
  • Maximum selection: You can benefit from an almost unlimited award choices based on your need with concierge shopping experiences if desired.
  • Budgeting and Reporting: Control spend and keep tabs on what’s going on in your program, broken down every which way you need to see it.



Recognition Technology

We offer recognition technology solutions based on your needs and budget, including:

  • Social engagement: Managers and employees can search for an eligible recipient, create personalized recognition, and send it via email or print it out. Personalized profiles and a recognition stream support commenting, sharing, and amplifying the great work everyone is doing to your entire community.
  • Budgeting and reporting: Control spend and keep tabs on what’s going on in your program, broken down every which way you need to see it. You can integrate with other systems such as ADP, Taleo, UltiPro, etc. to provide more comprehensive data.
  • Ultimate Configurability: We provide proprietary SaaS platforms designed to maximize flexibility. We can accommodate data challenges, single sign-on requirements, and different types of organizational hierarchies.
  • Full integration: Integrate with other systems such as ADP, UltiPro, Taleo, etc. for a more comprehensive data view.