Effective Engagement Solutions

In order to ensure clients that we are zero-based in our engagement solutions, we do not have any one product that a client has to purchase to use our services, other than our expertise. Our focus is on helping clients develop simple, easy-to-measure, ROI based strategies to achieve critical business objectives through people.

Because engagement can involve so many different elements, including coaching, assessment, surveys, communication and training in all of their forms, collaboration, games, learning, rewards and recognition, technology, analytics, etc., not even the largest solution provider can economically offer in-house resources to achieve a specific goal.

Through its early leadership in the engagement field, the Engagement Agency works just like a major consulting practice or advertising agency in that it transparently contracts with precisely the right specialists who are clearly vetted and who understand the engagement framework and the need to integrate with all other engagement levers.

The Engagement Agency does not accept any hidden commissions or overrides from solution providers selected; our clients pay for our expertise in helping create precise RFPs when necessary; helping to identify the best companies to do the work, and assuming accountability when desired for effective project management.

For those services that Val-U Engagement Agency can provide through its affiliated divisions, this is always fully disclosed and subject to the usual RFP process as appropriate.

Our services include:

Engagement Business Plan Design
Undertaking the assessment necessary to create an easy to implement, return-on-investment based strategy to achieve the desired objective. This usually includes about a week of on-site and phone meetings; information collection and analysis, and the time needed to create the report with clear recommendations, a business plan, budget, roles and responsibilities, desired outcomes and return on investment.

Surveys or other audience assessment are critical to creating a benchmark and tracking trends that can significantly affect performance, good or bad. The number of employee engagement surveys is almost mind-numbing; we can help you cut through the complexity and find the right service for your application.

If people don’t know what they have to do, or what others are doing, chances are they won’t do what’s needed to accomplish your goals. We have in-house divisions specializing in digital, print, and three-dimensional solutions, and draw from leading resources as needed in these or other categories of communications, including events, through expert solution providers knowledgeable about engagement.

Research indicates that people have to be capable of doing what’s asked of them. The number of learning options available to help engage people are almost limitless; based on your needs, budget, and potential ROI, we can help you winnow down the options if there is no way to piggyback on your current learning platforms.

Task value, or feeling that one’s work has meaning, is critical to inspiring people over time. Innovation strategies, once known as suggestion systems, are a powerful way to sustain engagement in organizational objectives as well as to effectively crowd-source great ideas. We help you whittle down the offerings to what makes sense for you.

Rewards-1Rewards and Recognition
Fun, surprise, feelings of support play critical factors in how people feel about organizations. Effectively designed rewards strategies create buzz, foster lasting memories, and help reinforce key values. While we have an inhouse division that supplies these services, we work with any solution already in place.

As an independent agency, we are free to offer your company the right technology for your solution, from fully integrated engagement portal technologies to incentive and recognition software based on your needs. What’s important to you is that we are not wedded to a solution that gives us a motive to sell your company something it doesn’t need.

ROIReturn on Investment Measurement
We position our initiatives to leverage employee engagement in a way that improves organizational outcomes, including the ROI. The key to maximizing the ROI is determining the cost of fostering behaviors that directly contribute to achieving the desired goals. This is done through practice of the ROI Methodology, a world-renowned systematic approach to program evaluation.