Does your 2017 Employee Engagement Strategy include Recognition?

By: Angelo DiSpirito III
Founder CEO
Val U Solutions®

While over 80% of executives surveyed worldwide by a recent Deloitte study of CEO’s agree engagement is a top priority, less than 20% of organizations have a formal engagement strategy.

A formal engagement strategy is foundational but ensuring that all of the right components are included is probably just as important.

Most of the academic research that appeared long before the management consulting firms got a hold of the engagement construct included recognition as a key component of engagement.

Humans — which coincidentally employees happen to be* — innately look for small signals of feedback from their environment to know if what they are doing is “good” or “bad”, “right”, or “wrong”. This “feedback”, or in some cases, “recognition”, helps to drive an employee’s emotional attachment in the workplace – a key feature of “work engagement”.

Our hands-on leadership style combined with an intimate understanding of employee engagement and recognition acumen makes us a valuable contributor to help support your organization’s employee engagement strategy in 2017 and beyond.

Val U Solutions® would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and some of your key team members to address your 2017 Human Resource objectives so that you can “Engage for Success™”.

We are your go-to resource for support and execution of Engagement AND Recognition Solutions.

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